Automated Data Discovery

Automated data discovery helps to discover, organize and surface trusted information easily.

“Smart, Governed, Hadoop-based, Search-based and Visual-based Data Discovery will converge into a single set of next-generation data discovery capabilities as components of a modern business intelligence and analytics platform”


Automated Data Discovery

Organizations invest huge amount of time and money in building data. Most of the data turns into data swamp.

Data Spider crawls and captures metadata from number of structured and unstructured data sources and then store the metadata as Operational, Business, and Technical Metadata. It helps in discovering data available in the organization and see it from one point.

Using its built-in intelligence, Data Spider handles change data capture and manages snapshots of metadata for reference.

Data Spider’s built into automation capabilities and it’s metadata management strategy helps in discovering new data sources, changes in source definitions and Schema drifts very easily. By keeping metadata upto date, it helps data profiling and metadata search functions up to date with latest information available in the organization. This helps Data Analysts and Data scientists discover the information they want faster and easy.