Governed Data Lake Made Simple

Data Lake creation and management made faster and simpler.

Agile Governed Data Lake

Over 80% of the world’s data is unstructured. Terabytes of data is being generated every minute and processing this volume of data is fast becoming a critical priority instead of just a need. More and more firms are now waking up to the reality of big data.

Modak Powered Data Lakes are governed and automated and is designed to address the issues associated with organizational siloes. Our meta programming approach ensures faster and effective implementation of the governed data lake. At each layer of the governed data lake we make sure that integrity and security concerns are handled effecively. 

The Smart Approach to Data Governance

Data Governance

Data Governance can help your clients discover, comprehend, and trust the information they have to fulfill their functions. Yet, to take care of business, you may need to desert all that you thought you knew and rather be available to new conceivable outcomes.

Our Agile Governed Data Lake and meta data catalog solutions give teams powerful tools to find, understand, and trust their data. Users can evaluate the quality of their data, manage metadata, and keep track of certifications. Teams can stay aligned with their terminology and definitions. Data users can manage external data sources and data sharing agreements with partners. All together, it makes it easy for people throughout the enterprise to consume data