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Whether your organization is trying to build a new data model or you are trying to create a Governed Data Lake, Modak’s Big Data Solutions can help you build, operate and scale. Modak  offers a best in class, faster solutions that helps you to bring the value out of data.

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Industry Solutions

Accelerated Data Lake Creation and Management

Data Lake solves the bigger problems associated with managing, accessing and using Big Data. However,  creating and managing a Data Lake is the top most challenge for any company trying to make value out of data.  Quite often, the creation of a data lake results in a data swamp due to lack of governance and controls. 

Modak helps companies world wide in creating and managing data lakes. Our automated governed approach makes Data Lake creation faster. Companies often fail to materialize the data lake creation due to the large amount of time spend on data preparation. Modak has devised strategies and methodologies that  reduces data preparation by 80%. Our augmented data preparation makes use of insouse developed finger printing technology and bots that makes data preparation an easy task. Our Data Curious developers are continuously devising new methodologies to improve efficiency. 

Meta Data  Management

An enterprise wide metadata management strategy is a must in organizations today with the continuously growing digital information. Information is everywhere but in silos. Data is available within the organizations without knowing that even they exist. Coordinating the diverse types of sources, owners and users of the data assets and metadata across the enterprise can be a complex operation requiring diverse strategies. To align data and analytics governance programs and succeed with data and analytics programs, an enterprise wide metadata management discipline must be established.

Modak solutions and services helps organizations in consolidating all metadata information available in organization at one point and build metadata catalogues in shorter time span. Metadata will be classified and consolidated into Business, Operational and Technical metadata. Modak solutions leverage information available in metadata catalogues and enables data analysts and data scientists make quick decisions on their respective research areas. Scientists and analysts to focus more on actual business problem than searching for data.

On Demand  Business intelligence

Decisions are crucial in any business, faster time to decisions make businesses run smooth, react to change and predict the future. Using our automated digital capabilities, Modak has been successful in reducing the time to insights. the Our Business Intelligence gives theability to quickly and powerfully analyze critical business information so that companies can be more efficient and effective.

Customized reports and dashboards helpes businesses in analyzing situations better and make better decisions. Modak’s business intelligence solutions enables user interactivity, and provides a thrilling end user experience. Our easy to use, drag-and-drop user interface enables you to customize reports according to your business needs, and derive meaningful insights quickly.