Accelerating Data Processing

Our metaprogramming, augmented data preparation and curation approach helps in preparing the data effortlessly. Automated data discovery and ingestion using Modak’s metaprogramming approach reduces the data preparation, ingestion and curation time by 80%

Crawls and captures metadata of multiple structured and unstructured data sources across the enterprise ecosystem

Custom Service

Automated by deploying data ingestion pipelines on the fly.

More than half a million pipelines are in action today.

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Organize metadata based on Business, Technical and Operational needs.

Custom Service Title

Modak’s Proprietary Data Fingerprinting technique helps in Augmented Data Mapping. Significantly reduces manual efforts and reprogramming

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Independent functional units with scalable architecture. Accelerates the development of business logic.

Simplifies integration of complex work.

Other Data Services

Our pedigree in Big Data Analytics helped us gain a leading advantage, which is well manured by deep domain expertise, continuous focus on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. A combined platform of highly skilled workforce, a thoughtful leadership and advanced technologies helped us WoW our clients by delivering “FASTER TIME TO VALUE”



24-hour monitoring, managing and/or problem resolution for Hadoop Systems



Enabling smooth and hassle free database and application migration.



The best in class Data Visualization technologies that brings out the essence of data and help you drive faster smarter business decisions

Addressing the Big Data Puzzle

Chief Analytics Officer, Modak Analytics, Milind Chitgupakar explains the challenges associated while dealing with Big Data Projects.

Case Study: Life Sciences

Using our Governed Data Lake and automated capabilities, Modak Analytics builds Big Data Platform for one of the Largest Life Sciences Client.

We were having a huge problem with our platform, Modak Analytics helped us build a scalable reliable secure Big Data platform in record time

Chief Scientific Officer

TOP 5 Big pharma COMPANY

Faster Time to Value using Our Automated Governed Capabilities