Modak's Vibrant team

A Culture of Trust:

We believe in one another; we promote an environment of trust. That trust can only come from a passionate commitment to the cultural environment described in this book. Hidden agendas, negative stress, fear, office politics, surprises, anonymous communication – these all lead to a breakdown of trust in the organization. Trust must exist between each other and in the leadership of this company. Every leader in this company must make a commitment to promoting honesty, confidence, and trust in the organization.

You must also have a heart to work at Modak Analytics. Having a heart does not mean we promote a culture of entitlement. It means we can believe in each other and in Modak Analytics. It means we are committed to ourselves and to all our stakeholders, while at the same time we are committed to retaining our humanity.

Corporate culture

Our corporate culture is what sets us apart in a highly competitive marketplace. It is up to each of us to prevent Modak Analytics from becoming ordinary. Every leader, every employee, and every person who works here must believe in the value of, and trust in, the words in this document. You must believe in our ideals to preserve our corporate culture. Your commitment is our insurance for success.

Throughout the challenges and opportunities that we will encounter together in the coming years, Modak Analytics will continue to differentiate itself from any other company as long as we keep our culture strong.

It’s important that all Modak associates think of their positions in the company as more than a job — but also as a stimulating, gratifying, enjoyable, and essential part of life.

The corporate culture is the single most important contributor to making Modak Analytics unique and special. Modak Analytics’s culture forms the foundation upon which we can build a great company; and with this foundation, Modak Analytics will become extraordinary. Conversely, we understand that if we ever allow ourselves to become ordinary, we will perish.

Do it Once

Modak Analytics recognizes the magnitude of the decision a customer makes in selecting our products and services. Modak Analytics solutions make it possible for them to make that decision only once.

Do it Right

In implementing customer solutions, Modak Analytics always aims to do it right, on the customer’s terms, and in the customer’s time frame.

Make it Last

Modak Analytics’s people, products, and services solidify our customer relationships and make them last for the long term.

Women in Analytics

We pride ourselves in being a Women Led organization and being an equal employment provider. More than 30% of our workforce is comprised of women and we believe women has a big role to play in the analytics for being more analytical thinkers, this has helped us to an extend while finding solutions to some of the most complex analytical solutions.

Being led by Aarti Joshi, as the chief architect of People and Business growth of the organization, she has been critical in building Modak from a 3-member team into a dynamic, cross-functional 150-professionals strong company in a span of 5 years.