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Whether your organization is trying to build a new data model or you are trying to create a Governed Data Lake, Modak’s Big Data Solutions can help you build, operate and scale. Modak  offers a best in class, faster solutions that helps you to bring the value out of data.

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Industry Solutions

Accelerated Data Lake Creation and Management

Data Lake helps in managing and accessing the enormous data that is being generated everyday. An unorganized data lake results in data swamp due to lack of governance and controls.  Creating and managing a Data Lake has become a primary challenge for any company which is trying to work on data preparation and visualization.

Modak helps companies world wide in creating and managing data lakes. Our automated governed approach creates Data Lake faster. Companies often fail to materialize the data lake creation due to the large amount of time being spent on data preparation. Modak has devised strategies and methodologies that  reduces data preparation time by 80%. Our augmented data preparation makes use of in-house developed finger-printing technology and bots framework that makes data preparation an easy task. Modak Techies are continuously devising new methodologies to improve efficiency.

Meta Data Management

An enterprise wide metadata management strategy is the prime focus of today’s organizations because of continuously growing digital information. Information is stored in silos. Organizations are unaware about the huge data that exists within their own data storage systems. It’s a complex process to coordinate these diverse data sources, data assets and metadata across the enterprise. Hence, metadata management strategy has become the need of the hour.

At Modak, our solutions and services help organizations in consolidating all metadata information available in the organization into a single metadata catalogue in a shorter time period. Metadata is classified and consolidated into Business, Operational and Technical metadata. Modak solutions leverage information available in metadata catalogues and enables data analysts and data scientists make faster decisions on their respective research areas.

On Demand Business intelligence

Faster Decision making gives the business a competitive edge. Modak’s automated digital capabilities has been successful in reducing the time for insights. Our Business Intelligence gives the ability to quickly analyze critical business information so that companies can fine tune their decision making.

Customized reports and dashboards help businesses in analyzing various scenarios  effortlessly. Modak’s business intelligence solutions enable effective end-user experience and provide user friendly interaction. Our easy to use, drag-and-drop user interface enables  customized reports according to business needs and derive meaningful insights faster.